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Defining Marxism and Statism
Marxist Organizations etc
"Intellectual" Marxists
Marxist media
Other Marxists, colleges and enemies of America
Marxist posing to be "journalists"
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Marxist/Statist in the Republican Party
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updated 11/29/2012
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Declaration of Independence -
The US Constitution
Bill of Rights
National Security
Benghazi Attacks, Death of Americans
Mother of diplomat speaks out, 19Oct
O on the deaths of Americans in Lybia, 18Oct

Foriegn spies in US unies, 9Apl
Sec Def, need permission from UN, over Congress, 7Mar
Draw down, 5Jan
Troop cut coming soon, but increase in air and sea, 4Jan

Marxist Democrats


Judicial Marxists
Packrat predicts 5-4, Marxists vote to uphold, 29Mar
Split, 29Mar
Justice Scalia - O bill is cruel punishment, 28Mar
O - rebrands, 28Mar
US Supremes here O-care, 27Mar
Kennedy questions
Marxist Unions
AFL-CIO endorses O for second ter, 13 Mar

Marxist Media
On the attack of free speech:
Attacking Rush Limbaugh, 22Mar
LA radio to ban free speech, 21 Mar

Cronie Capitalism
COSTCO execs supports the Marxist agend, 29Nov
Says Solyndra was not his program, 22Mar
Blames Congress and Chinese
Another Obama-backed company files bankrupcy,

Marxist Agitators

Ex-O official running condom hearings, 8Mar

Obama Czars
Former-Van Jones- O can't lose black vote, 3Apl

Military Support
-Active Duty
-Wounded Warriors
-Surviving Family
-In Memory
-Ed Support
-Veteran Orgs

Military Info
-War On
Muslim Fanatics
-War Stories
-Combat Camera
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Protecting & conserving
The US Constitution

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War on Domestic Marxists
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Domestic terrorists
Marxists/Statists List
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Campaign part of foreign donation scandal, 8Oct
Little Ceasar's founders $1mil pizza bash, 9Apl
BP oil big cash, updated 3Apl
New movie all starts and exec donations,
Big doners get O-admin jobs, 6Mar

Obama buddies
Postman says Ayers parents supported O through school. 20Mar
Derrick Bell - another racisit bud, 7Mar
Aselrod defend Wright, 11Jan
Rush on O-thugery, 3Apl
O using FDR bullying tactics on Supreme Court 2Apl
Warns the Supreme Court - thug tactics

will add $340 billion to deficit, 9Apl
IRS - 4,000 agents for O-care, 28Mar
O-care - shifts defense, 15Mar
CBO-Ocare nearly doubles, $1.76 tril, 13Mar
$900 bil pledge in 9Sep2009
Unions get Obamacare wavers, 7Jan
US Supreme Court - 6June
Marxist "health bill" stands
Individuals must pay tax
Hussein - "not a tax"
21 tax increases

Debt higher than GDP, 3Jan

Half of Americans didn't pay taxes, 22Feb

Other stuff
White House basket balls with O-face, 9Apl

Sheriff Joe on O, 21Mar

AG Eric Holder:
Zimmerman family asks why N Blakc Panters voter discrimination dropped, 9Apl
Voter fraud in Vermont, 13Mar

O face replaces stars on American flag, 13Mar

This is why we need ID to vote:
NH handing out ballots of dead, 11Jan

"Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA ", 26Jan
National Security
IRS - Violations: targeting Constitutional
groups, politically sounding names, tax filing

IRS approved liberal groups while Tea Party in limbo, 14May
Demanded FB postsings, reading lists, private thoughts, 15May

Marxist Democrat Politicians
Judicial Marxists

Marxist Unions
Marxist Media
Cronie Capitalism
Marxist Agitators
Obama Czars