War On Domestic Marxists
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"Bush declares a 'state of emergency' in Washington as cost of Obama's swearing-in ceremony soars" (13Jan2009),0,7 400212.story ml
What do you know about barry:
Corarnation bill:

National Security
61 Gitmo terrorists return to the field (11Jan2009) ype=RSS&feedName=topNews&rpc=22&sp=true
Stops interrogation of terrorists (22Jan2009) ogat.html
To shut terrorist detention camp at Gitmo m=0
Former inmates lead AQ (26Jan) R90lC_pXaHeW4Q
Space weapons ban (26Jan)
first press conference to Arab tv, Americans are BAD (27Jan)
Iran says to suck it on talks (31Jan) 55420fedc.411&show_article=1

Free speech
Attacks on a Private Person (non-Government person):
Rush on Barry est.html uest.html
Barry says not to listen to Rush (23Jan) e_in_a_timulating_talk_151572.htm
Rush to Barry (24Jan) MDE1NzNmZmM2MzYxMmI /4331839/Barack-Obama-picks-a-fight-with-Rush-Limbaugh-as-bipartisan-sp irit-crumbles.html
politicians lead petition against Rush (27Jan)
Control of speech

Economic Freedom
to let states decide on emission standards ((26Jan)
$900 billion stimulus

Welfare state
Dick Morris: The Obama presidency: Here comes socialism (Jan2009) 2009-01-20.html
State Childrens Health Insurance Program (SCHP) -health-care/

The Marxist-Democrat party
Tax payer funded retreats 3.html
International affairs
India tells barry to back off
National Security

Hussein wants Rights Read to terrorists in the battlefield!! 10June2009:

4 Marines die in Afghanistan, artillery denied. Sept 2009:

Hussein says to "scrub" Afghan troop buildup (24Sep09): cchrystal_to_scrub_assessments

SEALs charged for roughing up terrorist (Nov2009):
Socialist health care - obamacare:
pay-as-you-go, 9June2009: 609
But OK to pay for health-care, 9June2009: -15483626.html?.v=13
Hussein keeps lying about not wanting to take over health care g-by-using-obamas-own-words/
Buy insurance or go to jail (25sep09): tion_.html?showall
Gag order on Humana (Sept09):

Marxist Government takeover of private businesses
Government Motors (GM), June2009:

Decided CEO pay (June2009): pf.html
Gore-Backed Car Firm Gets Large U.S. Loan (25Sep09): ories
Indoctrination in "education"
Little school kids singing praise to hussein (25Sep09):
Kids sing promoting socialist take over of health insurance on CNN (Oct2008) eform_on_set_of_cnn.html

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The list of all the Czars

Climate czar-member of a socialist group (12Jan2009): a

Tim Geithner-treasury secretary-didn't pay his taxes (15Jan2009)

"Treasury pick failed to pay taxes" - Tim Geithner
what happended to Biden's claim of paying taxes is patriotic?
The Emperor and his Czars
Cass Sunstein

Carol Browner - EPA
Anita Dun
Current czars in the news at: Road to Maxism 2010
The marxist controlled "media journalists" celebrate Obama victory - The Daily Caller,21Jul2010
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War on Domestic Marxists
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