War On Domestic Marxists
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2008 Obama campaign doners
For 2010 updates
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Defining Marxism and Statism
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Defining Marxism and Statism
Other Marxist political parties
US Supreme Court
The Marxists in robes
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Steven Breyer
Sonia Sotomayor
Elena Kagan
Anthony Kennedy - the swing vote

List of all Justices
Nancy Pelosi
Barbara Boxer
Harry Reid
Hillary Clinton
Ted Kennedy - Dead

Dick Durbin
John Murtha - Dead - Feb 2010

Jesse Jackson Jr.
Patrick Leahy
Tom Harkin
Russ Feingold

Robert Byrd
Patty Murray
Barbara Mikulski
Charles Rangal
Carl Levin

Tom Lantos
Ed Markey
John Conyers
Dennis Kucinich
Cynthia McKinney

Barney Frank
Jim McDermott
Jack Reed
< source: "The enemy at home" -Dinesh D'Souza >

Joe Biden, VP
Bill Clinton, former President
Al Gore, former Vice President
Jimmy Carter, former President

James Clyburn, Rep SC
Sherrod Brown, OH
It is safe to say-they are all Marxists/Statists. Sometimes they say things worth noting
Regarding the thugs:
The Scepter of Violence

Longshoreman give award to Chinese leader, 13Mar

stop the
stop the
Brookings institute

Sierra Club

americorps - 60's marxist group re-organized under Bill Clinton

New Black Panther Party

awards racism
Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER)
United for Peace and Justice
Peaceful Tomorrow
Open Society Institute
National Lawyers Guild
Human Rights Watch
Center for Constitutional Rights
Amnesty International
Ford Foundation
Code Pink
Planned Parenthood
National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL)
People for the American Way

< source: "The enemy at home" -Dinesh D'Souza >
Karl Marx - "father" of socialism-communism:
"The communist manifesto" -1848

Saul Alinsky -wiki
rules for radicals"

Norman Thomas
"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened."

Noam Chomsky Group that Attacks Republicans Exposed
Frances Fox Piven, 1Jan2011

Howard Zinn - anti-American Marxist
Edward Said (dead)
Richard Rorty
Martha Nussbaum
Rashid Khalidi
Eric Hobsbawn
Cornel West
Sean Wilentz
Paul Starr
Robert Reich
Eric Foner
Laurence Tribe
Henry Louis Gates
Tony Judt
Thomas Frank
Garry Willis

< source: "The enemy at home" -Dinesh D'Souza >
Detroit Free Press

LA Times

Monthly review magazine
Media matters
New York Times

Philadelphia Inquirer
Public Broadcasting Station
Nationl Public Radio (gov-tax payer funded marxist run)

Random House (publisher)
Record (Bergen county)
Rollingstone magazine
St. Martin's press (publisher)

Think Progress (John Potesda)
The Nation

Vanity Fair
Washington Post

This link contains a good list of them rejoicing by the wanna-be "journalists" after the obama victory.
More lists from Free Republic

Anne Curry
Andrea Mitchell - MSNBC
Barbara wawa Walters
Brian Williams
Bryant Gumbel - NBC
Bill Moyers - PBS
Brian Ross

Chris Mathews-thrill runs up his legs
Charlie Ros - PBS
Christian Amanpor
Dan Rather
David Gregory
Ed Schultz
George Stephanopoulos - Clinton campaign aide
Katie Couric
Keith Oberman - courtesy Mark Levin Show
Ken Bode
Lesley Stahl

Matt Lauer
Mike Wallace - anti-Troops

Pierre Salinger
Peter Jennings

Quinton Tarantino - anti law enforcement:
Oct2015 no-boycott/

Rachel Madow
Rick Inderfurth
Sam Donaldson - ABC

Tim Russett
Tom Brokaw
Thomas Friedman - NYT

College Mags:
Phi Delta Kapa
George Soros, communist - he owns and funds
open society
media matters
center for American progress

Sam Web, chairman communist party

Al Farakhan

Al Sharpten

Jesse Jackson

Cindy Sheehan -meets with dictator

Historian Richard Hofstadter -
Source: "
Treason" by Ann Coulter

Paul Krugman - "economist"

Alec Baldwin
Antonia Banderas
Barbara Striesand
Ben Affleck, for Marxist Dems
Bill Maher - donates $1 mil, 24Feb12
Cris Rock-racist and attacks, 13Mar12
Cathy Griffin

Danny Glover, met with Venezuela dictator Chavez
hugo funding glover movies, May2007
glover and belafonte trash The US in cuba, Dec 2002

Demi Moore, for Obama
Ed Asner
Ed Harris - donations
Jane Fonda
Jennifer Aniston, for Obama
Halle Berry, for Obama
Hulk Hogan, for Obama

Kevin Spacey
George Clooney
Gwyneth Palrow,for Obama
Matt Damon
Melanie Griffith
Magic Johnson

Lewis C K

Natalie Portman, campaigned for:
John Kerry (2004), Hillary Clinton and Obama (2008)
Not in our name -started by a Communist, joined by hollywood anti-war, group

Oprah Winfry
Robert Redford - Fidel Castro, Jan2004:

Rosie O'Donell

Sean Penn -meets with Venezuela dictator Chavez, Apl2009
defends chavez, Nov2008
Scarlet Johansson, for Keryy and Obama
Susan Sarandon, met with dictator Chavez
Woopi Goldberg
Hillary Duff
George Lopez
Will Smith

Sean Penn insults the Tea Party, 16Oct
Morgan Freeman - Tea Party is racist
Janeane Garofalo - on Herman Cain, 29Sept2011
Carson Kressley - smelly tea party, 28Sept
Eva Longoria - defends hussein, 28Sept
Morgan Freeman- "tea party racist", 23Sept

Andy Griffith supports obamacare, 30Jul2010

Young Hollywood's Secret Breakfast with Obama, 6June12
Zach Braff, Jeremy Renner, Dianna Agron, Zachary Quinto Ben McKenzie, Bryan Greenberg, Jessica Alba, Adam Rodriguez, Brandon Routh,
Sarah Pantera, Ian Somerhalder, Jared Leto, Kal Penn and Sophia Bush
incomplete list
Senators and Representatives

John McCaine, Sen Az
Olympia Snowe, Sen, Ma -

Bob Bennet, Ut
Lindsey Graham, Sen, SC
Claire McCaskill, Mo -

Mark Kirk,
Scott Brown, Ma
Susan Collins, Mn
Lisa Murkowski, Ak
Charlie Christ

Mike Castle, Dw -
Bob Coker
State Governors
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jeb Bush, Florida, former
Mitch Daniels, Indiana
George W. Bush, President, former
-supporter of illegal infiltrators
-grew the government

George H. W. Bush, President, former
endorses Mitt Romney, non-conservative, for President, 22Dec2011
Visit the link below for more info on their actions and statements
Updated 1/30/2021
Jane Pauley
Joe Scarborough - MSNBC
Jonathan Alter - anti military, Obama hack

Jonathan Capehart - MSNBC
Jeff Greenfield