Protecting and Conserving The US Constitution
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Defining Marxism and Statism
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Declaration of Independence
The US Constitution
Bill of Rights
The last Constitutional Conservative Presidents:

President Calvin Coolidge

President Ronald Reagan Library
What Would Reagan Do?
-Heritage Foundation

Speech on Norman Thomas and socialist healthcare, 1961

American Rhetoric: Speeches
A time for choosing, Oct 1964 meforchoosing

Influences on the Founders:

John Locke
Phylosophy pages

Charles de Montesquieu

Edmund Burke

Adam Smith

Frederic Bastiat
- The Law

Common Sense
Thomas Paine, on American Independence

The Federalist Papers
on the case for a US Constitution

True meaning of Liberal/Liberalism:
"[W]hat most modern conservatives seek to conserve is actually classic liberalism."
Patrick Sean O'Sullivan

"Conservative looks upon politics as the art of achieving the maximum amount of freedom for individuals that is consistent with the maintenance of the social order."
-The Conscience of a Conservative, page 13
Senator Barry Goldwater
How to Read the Constitution:
Self-Government and the Jurisprudence of Originalism - Heritage Foundation

National Center for Constitutional Studies
W. Cleon Skousen
(Deceased 2006) Foounder

US History

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The Origins of the Modern American Conservative Movement,
Nov 2003

Barry Goldwater
USAF/General, Senator Az Bio
-The Conscience of a Conservative , 1960
- Quotes from the book
- Young Americans for
Name changed to:
Young America's

The College

Russell Kirk
-The Conservative Mind (1953)

W. Cleon Skousen
(Deceased 2006) Foounder of
- National Center for Constitutional Studies

Erik Hoffer
The Erik Hoffer Project

Mark Levin
-Liberty and Tyranny
-Men In Black

Dinesh D'Souza
-The enemy at home
-What's so great about America
-Ronald Reagan
-Iliberal Education

Tammy Bruce
-The New Thought Police
-The Death of Right and Wrong
-The New American Revolution

Laura Ingraham -
-Power To The People

Ann Coulter
- Treason

Milton & Rose Friedman:
-Free To Choose
-Free to Choose Network

Thomas Sowell

Walter Williams
(Deceased 2020)
Professor of economics

Lee Ohanian
Professor of economics

Robert Kiyosaki
-Rich dad-Poor Dad

Clark Howard

Dave Ramsey

the conservative
"Dedicated to presenting and promoting informed discourse. The Conservative Mind follows the tradition of American and early British conservatism. Men like John Locke, Edmond Burke, Lord Acton, the American founding fathers, Lincoln and others who loved freedom. It seeks to advance the struggle to maintain economic and individual freedom in a world seemingly bent on restricting both. A place where demagoguery is exposed and honest discourse is held."
Military Support
-Active Duty
-Wounded Warriors
-Surviving Family
-In Memory
-Ed Support
-Veteran Orgs
-Stolen Valor

Military Info
-War On
Muslim Fanatics
-War Stories
must read
-Combat Camera
-Other threats

Protecting & conserving
The US Constitution
must read,
economics and more

War on Domestic Marxists
-Insurgents pg2:
Marxist List

-Timeline pg2:
-Timeline pg3:
-About Barry:
-About Barry pg2: 2009

Illegal infil and
US/Mex border

Domestic terrorists

Civil War II
President Abraham Lincoln

President Ulysis S Grant