War On Domestic Marxists
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how obama got
Zogby backs poll Nov 2008
Barry Hussein Obama: The marxist-democrat party candidate for President 2008
The "OFFICE" ? of president elect???
No such thing e-president-elect-holds-authority/

Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac
Carter, Clinton, Barry and ACORN -bill-clinton-and-jimmy-carter-caused-the-mortgage-crisis/

Jimmy Carter -Community Reinvestment Act 1977


the messia giveth gas and mortgage
Joe Cook: Mr Obama
About barry

Barry Soetoro -

Frank Davis - Barry's communist mentor in Hawaii
The communist Frank Davis mentor in Hawaii
American terrorist bill ayers - weather underground terrorist

They killed people, bombed the Pentagon, The Capital, US State Department, NY Police station, etc
THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND . The Film | PBS /article3736043.ece 0A9679C8B63&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=all
Obama's "mentor" weatherman bill ayers problem
ayers - no regrets - 3&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=all

Terrorist' link puts Barack Obama under fire - Times Online article3736043.ece

YouTube - Fox News: Weatherman Bill Ayers Was Obama's "Mentor"
Obama and Ayers on the board of woods fund

Ayers: no regrets for his bombings

Boohoo, stop airing the terrorist-connection add!!! 25aug2008
Barry went to his church for 20yrs but didn't hear a word of racism and Anti-American comments... resentment-of-america-comes-from/

YouTube - Michelle Obama: "Proud of Her Country" Speech

At last, Michelle Obama proud of America -,2933,331288,00.html

Michelle Obama Takes Heat for Saying She's 'Proud of My Country' for the First Time - Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum
the depressing America-may 2008 ff6

Michelle Obama quotes alinsky

The Shoes le_obama_kicks_in_own_foot_feat_for_fashionistas_lanvin.html
YouTube - A Sample of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright's Hate Speech

Jeremiah-gate: Glowbama's losing his glow Retirement house s-glow/,CST-NWS-wright29.article
obama leaves church...took close scrutiny of his"church" for him to leave after 20yrs:

never been proud of America
What does:
a Domestic terrorist
racist pastors
Palestinian terrorist supporter
property scams
have in common with barry?
They are his associates, fundraisers, etc.
Anybody see a flag around here?
Retired NY Detective
ANOTHER racist preacher!
the church he belongs to: Jeremiah Wright-Obama's pastor of 20yrs
yes…church…supposedly christian
Bill Ayer's book dedication to Bobby Kennedy's assassin:

BHO flip flops February 2008 022402094.html

barry said "a bomb" was dropped on pearl harbor: omb/
barry's "not exactly" by Terry Anderson
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 Obama's Not Exactlys
His Uncle liberated Auschwitz nazi death camp witz/
Americans didn't liberate the concentration camp, and he didn't have an uncle

BHO says he misspoke AGAIN
mad tv, very funny
SNL skits 225.html

Hey Barry, you there?...hello? hello?
barry's wanabe-presidential seal
The real Presidential seal
the socialist-media on tour with barry
idiots for

take the barry test-

supporters of barry speaks out - funny
Why does he go by Barry?

Claims using his middle name is racist:

Buddy Bill Ayers dedicated book to Bobby Kennedy's assassin-
the weather underground declares war on the US
tony rezko
obama on rezko: land deal and fundraiser,CST-NWS-obama05.article,CST-NWS-obama05.article
guilty: 16 counts of corruption charges,CST-NWS-rezko05.arti cle

The Bad Company Of Barack Obama, National Review Online: The Senator's "Change" Would Radically Alter This Country - CBS News

rezko convicted
convicted =utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&sa=X&oi=vide o_result_group&resnum=11&ct=title#
Rashid Khalidi: Pro-PLO terrorist supporter
LA Times, refuses to releas tape of Barry and Khalidi party,0,1780231,full.story

Hamas donates to campaign

Hamas donates to campaign

Illegal foreign donations

Obama's Muslim-Outreach Adviser tied to Muslim Brotherhood, quits

Raila Odinga, Obama & Kenya’s Islamic jihad

Former muslim chaplin ngton-%20_Former_Gitmo_Muslim_Chaplain_Yee
Saul Alinsky -wiki

rules for radicals

Saul "the red communist" Alinsky and barry

Michelle Obama quotes alinsky

Rules for radicals, taught to Hillary Clinton and barry

Saul Alinsky -wiki
rulles for radical
enemies a threat, military cutbacks, and he visited 57 states
Flashback, somebody else, sat down with the enemy a long time ago...
Americas enemies aren't a threat-may 18, 2008
hamas (terrorists) endorses obama /88754.html
Terrorists group Hamas endorses barry
barry still won't support the surge, eventhough it has been a success ose-the-surge/
enemies are a threat-june 4, 2008
More info on the War on Muslim Fanatics
updated 11/04/2010
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barry tells little girl America is bad country Aug 7, 2008
barry tells plumber he is going to spread the wealth

is barry saying he wants America to go back before equal rights or back toward slavery? Or back to when America wasn't afraid to destroy the enemies that attacked her?

57 states is an odd number to choose.
However, there are 57 Islamic states

telepromter failure? -

barry's "not exactly" by Terry Anderson

Obamamania verges on obsession - Lisa Lerer -


Obama's Trillion-Dollar Spending Plan - Capital Commerce (
Protecting my family and America pending-plan.html

Barry's policies
Top contributors:
Presidential A-List Donors
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Foreign doners -
black liberation theology -Trinity United Church of Christ, rooted in marxism, Mar2008, Apl2008
BP-biggest doner is to Obama, May2010
Communist Soros and Obama policy, Nov 2008
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War on Domestic Marxists
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Domestic terrorists