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Submit your personal or unit's, story and pictures from the field.
World War I Veteran: Frank Buckles
March 6, 2008
Help Sgt Eddie Ryan
Corporal David Thibodeaux
Marine sings answer to Ditsie Chicks 208_marine_music on=user.viewprofile&friendID=2979390 58 arine_song_031808/

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Updated 3/10/2021
Visit for posthumously awarded
Sgt Dakota Meyer - Afghanistan 2009
15Sept2011 a-meyer-receives-medal-of-honor
Congressional Medal of Honor Society
Who he is part 1, part 2 - Tells his story part 3 - Relatives doubt inquiry in Medal of Honor battle - Honoring Marines by educating their children fundraiser

the following is from marxist CBS, watch it for Sgt Meyer
Staff Sergeant Leroy A. Petry (US Army) Afghanistan 2008
12July2011 - official narrative
Congressional Medal of Honor Society
Army Values serve as the driving-force
Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta (US Army)
Afghanistan 2007
Congressional Medal of Honor Society
Lone Survivor - Marcus Luttrell

black hawk down - Mark Bowden

Bing West
No True Glory
The Strongest Tribe

America alone
- Mark Steyn

Task Force Devil: New War on Terror, US Army - Military Channel

Blocking The Path to 911

Somalia: BlackHawk down - History Channel
blackhawk down - google video

Triple-cross: UBL's Spy in America -National Geographic
Declassified: The Taliban - History Channel
Targetted: UBL - History Channel
Young Americans Documentary - Pat Dollard

Iraq vs Iraq: The Road to War - Desert Storm and OI - Military Channel
Fight for Fallujah: USMC, 2004 - Military Channel
Shootout: Battle of Fallujah, 3/1, 1/8 Marines and US Army, Nov 2004 - History Channel

Battlefield diaries: Ambush in Iraq, USMC, 2004 - Military Channel
Combat Zone: Ambush in Hawijah, Iraq, US Army - Military Channel
Combat Zone: Triangle of death, elections in Iraq, USMC, Oct 2004 - Military Channel

Combat Zone: Battle of Najaf, Iraq, cemetery, Sgt Reynoso, 11MEU, Aug 2004 - Military Channel
Shootout: Karabilah, Iraq, Ramana Bridge, 3/2,3/25 USMC, May 2005 - History Channel
Andy McNab's Tour of Duty, UK and US - Military Channel
Taking Chance (2009)

General Kill -mini series (2008)

Path to 911 - tv drama (2006)
related documentary:
Blocking The Path to 911
how obama got elected

Flight 93 - the movie (2006)
World Trade Center - the movie (2006)
GI Film Festival
Lt Dan Band movie - For the common good
An American Carol (2008)

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Domestic terrorists
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Why they hate us
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