Stolen Valor
Military Support
Funeral Detail Honors
Request full US Marine Corps Funeral Honors:
Contact Headquarters Marine Corps at - 1-866-826-3628
Provide the following information:
Marine's-SSN, name, date of birth, date of death.
Place of funeral service, address, date of service and time.

Next of kin information, phone number, address.

Family provides flag. Request flag from local US Post Office or Department of Veterans Affairs-ask for the Administrative officer of the day (AOD). Form to request flag.

Camp Pendleton Funeral Coordinator phone 760-725-5615/14 (must call Marine Corps HQ first).

US Marine Band - music
Proper display and care of the US Flag
Flag rules and regulations
Flag etiquette and history
Organizations assisting and supporting our
Veterans, Military and their family
Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
- Reporting Stolen Valor

Richard Blumenthal - (D-CT)
July 2017

Updated 2/12/2021