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Marxist anti-Military entertainers
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Kelsey Grammer
Jon Voight
Jim Cavicel

Tim Allen
James Woods

Mike Rowe

Kirk Cameron
Candace Cameron Bure

Adam Carlola Show
Ben Stein

Dennis Miller

John C Phillips

Matt Stone as Elvis

Gina Carano

David Mamet
Nascar Legend Richard Petty

Vince Flynn
- fiction author

Chael Sonnen - UFC fighter

Military Support
-Active Duty
-Wounded Warriors
-Surviving Family
-In Memory
-Ed Support
-Veteran Orgs

Military Info
-War On
Muslim Fanatics
-War Stories
-Combat Camera
-Other threats

Protecting & conserving
The US Constitution

Talk Radio/
Must Read

War on Domestic Marxists
-Insurgents pg2:
Marxist List

-Timeline pg2:
-Timeline pg3:
-About Barry:
-About Barry pg2: 2009


Domestic terrorists
Conflix Studios
- Antonio Sabato Jr
- Kaya Jones
- Nik Tizekker

Kevin Sorbo
- sorbo family film


Robby Starbuck, Director and Producer

GI Film Festival
Lt Dan Band movie -
For the common good

Films and documentaries by Marines, about Marines, for Marines

Friends of Abe
Publishing Companies
Henry Regnery
-Regnery Gateway publishing
"[T]he country’s leading publisher of conservative books.
Since Henry Regnery founded the company back in 1947, we’ve focused on publishing books that challenge the status quo, books that spark a debate, and books that get people talking about the issues and questions we face as a country."
Lee Greenwood
Charlie Daniels Band
Micheal W Smith

Gary Senise and
- The Lt Dan Band

Trace Adkins

Lynrd Skynyrd
Hank Williams Jr
Kaya Jones - Conflix Studios

John Rich

Matt Stone as Elvis
A time when Hollywood was proud to be Americans
Audie Murphy - US Army

James Stewart - US Air Force

Lee Marvin - USMC
- imdb

President Ronald Reagan - US Army

Charles Bronson - US Air Force
Bob Hope
Clint Walker
John Wayne
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