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Honor and support my Marines
and war fighters,
who protect our families,
the U.S. Constitution and America.

Be a resource for the Military,
and their family.

Protect and preserve
the U.S. Constitution
by promoting
Constitutional Conservative principles of:
Individual Freedom
Limited Government
Strong National Defense
Free Market Enterprise

Be a resource to introduce,
and promote the Alternate Media,
educate the ignorant on
the war on muslim fanatics,
war on domestic marxists
and the reconquistas.
About: "Rat", served on active duty and retired from the Reserves with a total of twenty-two years 1993-2015.
DISCLAIMER: Not responsible for the content on external links.
They are for resource use and does not necessarily reflect my views.
My views and content on this website are protected under my US Constitution.
Attemp to violate my First Amendment Rights may triger my Second Amendment Rights.
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