War On Domestic Marxists
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Defining Marxism and Statism
Marxist Organizations etc
"Intellectual" Marxists
Marxist media
Other Marxists, colleges and enemies of America
Marxist posing to be "journalists"
Marxist anti-Military entertainers
Marxist/Statist in the Republican Party
Marxist Democrat Party
Other Marxist political parties
Constitutional rights given to muslim fanatics.,2933,365851,00.html

Article IV - Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War

Federal judge orders release of five Gitmo prisoners (Nov 20, 2008)-
Constitutional rights given to muslim fanatics. 423/posts
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) -supports muslim fanatics

Not in our name:

Not in our name -started by a Communist, joined by hollywood anti-war, group
Leaks national security secrets:

wikileak-anti-military site:
Gov contractor monitoring internet providers, worked for
, 1Aug2010
leaks Afghan intel, 26Jul2010

New York Times: YWRlNzFkYjR

Washington Post:

Releases ID of Interogation shrinks (April 2009)
Nancy Pelosi
"Iraq is a failure" -Feb 2008
17Nov2002 - on meet the press d ed

Barbara Boxer
gives award to CAIR member (Dec 2006) Boxer
The socialist hypocrisy on the Iraq war

Harry Reid -"The war is lost" -April 2007 b47&show_article=1

Hillary Clinton (2002) - the double standard revealed
Case against Saddam -

Ted Kennedy
-"Saddam's torture chambers opened under new management" (May 2004) - es/2004/05/25/ted_kennedys_anti_american_slande r/
On the troop surge -

Dick Durbin calls US Armed Forces "nazis" -June 2005:,2933,159748,00.html

John Murtha
Dead - Feb 2010
accused Marines of murder without proof -May 2006
Boot Murtha, Iowa project
Sept 2007 - ed
Aug 2007 - tha-over

Patrick Leahy

Al Gore
Tom Harkin

The Marxists in robes
Chief Justice John Roberts
(as of 6June2012 - no longer considered a Constitutional Conservative - Hussein Care swing vote)
Steven Breyer
Sonia Sotomayor
Elena Kagan
Anthony Kennedy - the swing vote
List of all Justices

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Deceased 2020
Congress approves these, then stabs The Military in the back
Congress war resolution on terrorists

Congress Iraq war resolution act
Placing our families at risk, back-stabbing the Military and support enemies
Bill Clinton
Iraq Liberation Act 1998 - the double standard revealed

Jimmy Carter - lays wreath at gravesite of terrorist (April 2008) le=1

Russ Feingold

Robert Byrd

Patty Murray
Barbara Mikulski
Charles Rangal

Carl Levin
Tom Lantos

Ed Markey
John Conyers
Dennis Kucinich
Cynthia McKinney
Barney Frank
Jim McDermott
Jack Reed

< source: "The enemy at home" -Dinesh D'Souza >
Declaration of Independence
The US Constitution
Bill of Rights
Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER)
United for Peace and Justice
Peaceful Tomorrow
Open Society Institute
National Lawyers Guild
Human Rights Watch
Center for Constitutional Rights
Amnesty International
Ford Foundation
Code Pink
People for the American Way

< source: "The enemy at home" -Dinesh D'Souza >
Mike Wallace - anti-Troops
updated 10/11/2011
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Not in our name -started by a Communist, joined by hollywood anti-war, group

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