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Prophet of Doom
-Craig Winn

Allah (Arabic for god): -god

islam (one who submits to allah):


Sharia law:







The Muslim Brotherhood is formed.
Conquest of Europe

1948: Saudi Arabia refuses to sign Universal Declaration of Human Rights emacism.php

1964: Palestinian Liberation Organization created. 60-1969.Islam

1982: Hezballah created.

1987: Hamas created.

1989: al qaeda created ackground.htm _first_members.htm

1993: CAIR (council on American islamic relations)
muslim brotherhood front group in the USA



Military Info
Time line - Muslim Fanatics
2005: Iraq, yellowcake still there

Declaration of Independence -
The US Constitution
Bill of Rights

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)
Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War

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War on Domestic Marxists
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Marxist List

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-About Barry pg2: 2009


Domestic terrorists
July 17, 1969: India, US consulate bombed.

July 19,'69: Khartoum, Sudan, US Information Services library bombed.

July 22,'69: Phillippines, US consulate bombed.

Augt 19,'69: TWA flight 840 from Rome to Athens hijacked.
Asmara, Ethiopia:
The American Consul General Murray Jackson, was kidnapped along with a British businessman

Jordan: a bomb went off on the porch of the Amman home of the U.S. assistant army attaché.

Beirut, Lebanon bombed the car of a U.S. Embassy official in front of his home.

Islamic Turkey, a bomb was detonated outside the United States Information Services building in Ankara.

Athens, Greece: attempted hijacking of TWA airlines

Philippine terrorists attempted to assassinate U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew by bombing his car
Jan 21, 1978: Thessaloniki, Greece: Two bombs destroy two American office buildings.

Jan 25, 1978: Izmir, Turkey: US Military van came under fire.
Feb 16, 1978: Turkey: USIS building bombed.

Apl 5, 91978: Lahore, Pakistan: US Consulate attacked by hand grenade.

Apl 27, 1978: Afghans form mujahideen backed by Pakistan and the US.
Jan 14, 1979: Iran, US Air Force Col. Martin Berkowitz stabbed to death.

Nov 4, 1979: Iranian "students" stormed US Embassy and took Americans hostage.
rescue attempt
Jan 20, 1980: American hostages released by Iranians.
April 8, 1983: Beirut, Lebanan
US embassy bombed with 63 dead.

Oct 23, 1983: Beirut, Lebanan
Suicide bombing of barracks kills 241 Marines and Sailors.

Sept 20, 1984: US embassy annex in east Beirut bombed killing 8.
1989: usama bin ladin creates al qaeda

Aug 2, 1990: Iraq invades Kuwait

video - A&q=operation+desert+storm&hl=en

Jan 17, 1991: Operation Desert Storm begins with the air operations.

1992: UBL calls on muslims to kill Americans

May 1992: Somalia - UN - Operation Continue Hope -

Dec 1992: Somalia - Operation Restore Hope -
1993 - Clinton on Iraq plot to kill President Bush

Feb 26, 1993: World Trade Center in New York bombed.

Oct 3-4, 1993: Somalia, US Army Rangers Blackhawk helos shot down - blackhawk down
- google video

1996 Clinton orders air strikes

Aug 1996 - UBL declares war on the US

June 25, 1996: Saudi Arabia, US Servicemen barracks bombed.

Aug: AQ issues fatwa, (declaration of war) on the US-

Aug 7, 1998: US Embasies in Kenya and Tanzania bombed. gs

Feb 1998: Bill Clinton: clear evidence on Iraq WMD related

AQ second fatwa (declaration of war) on the US, call to Muslims to kill Americans atwa_1998.html 01.htm bin_laden_issues_fatwah_calling_for_killing_ americans.htm

Al Gore - Iraq WMD a grave threat related
Oct 31,1998 Bill Clinton signs - Iraq liberation act; HR 4655 htm

On Saddam's WMD threat - state of the union address e=related =related

Dec 1998 - Clinton: Air strikes on Iraq for WMD related
Gunman fires on US Embassy, 28Oct
Sniper takes him down

Convoy attacked, 29Oct
IED kills US Army soldiers, 22Oct
Afghan will back Pakis if war with US, 22Oct
Taliban Bombing at U.S. Base in Afghanistan Wounds Nearly 80 Americans, 11Sept

Sharia will be law under new "free" gov, 24Oct
The new leadershirp, 22Oct
Body on display, 21Oct
President Reagan wanted him dead, 21Oct
Muamar Gaddafi KILLED, 20th
Pulled from hiding in sewage pipe
Drone strike on his convoy
Mass graves

Will release names, 12Dec
CIA agents exposed, 21Nov
Maybe dead


Falling back to dicatatorship? 22Jan
UBL - DEAD 2May2011
Christian Science Monitor
The Long War Journal
dailymail, UK

New book disputes Obama acounts, 1Nov2011
Muslims fanatics gain traction, cleric guides, 9 Dec

Anwar al-Awlaki killed in drone strike, 30Sept
- inside story
-More at the investigative project

Bin Laden’s replacement planned 9/11 anniversary attacks, 9Sept
Authorities hunting

Rep. Peter King on
Muslim Fanatics Mar2011
Dec 14, 1999: al qaeda member stopped at the Canadian border; on his way to bomb LAX. twithin/ n.html
Oct, 2000: Yemen harbor, USS Cole attacked.
9/11 Timeline In Pictures
Flashback 9/11: As It Happened ed

UBL praises 911 attackers on video s_9-11_hijackers_in_video.htm

US Congress athourizes military action against al qaeda.

Sept 11, 2001: New York, WTC attacked, again. Pentagon attacked.
Military official’s careful approach slows pace of Mohammed trial, (9Sept2011)

Newly Posted Audio Reveals Air Traffic Control Horror On 9/11
Marxist-Democrat - on Saddam WMD
Bill Clinton, etc.

Hillary Clinton - Case against Saddam

Floor speech -Iraq war resolution Oct 2002 33783
30 countries join the coalition against Iraq
David Kay report on Saddam's WMD
Jan 2004 -David Kay report on Saddam WMD Congressional testimony; C-span click on red flash vidoe

Virginia Jihad Case,2933,116729,00.html
Iraq Air Force General George Sada
Former Top Military Aide to Saddam Reveals Dictator's Secret Plans rmer-top-military-aide-saddam-reveals-dictators-secre t-plans#ixzz1XI8jPHqb

Iraq’s WMD Secreted in Syria eted-in-syria-general-sada-says/
July 2008: Yellowcake shipped from Iraq,2933,376747,00.html

Nov 2008: Mumbai (Bombay) India -
Americans killed by terrorists s

commandos on the attack -
why the Taj hotel? -
points finger at Pakistan -

AQ #2, tells Americans to embrace Islam 98

Dec: Muslim fanatic - sentenced

Israel: Israel Defense Forces kill Hamas leader lls-

January 2009: 61 ex-Guantanamo inmates return to terrorism

UBL jihad on Israel

NY terrorist cell caught -
Al-Shabaab Islamists suspected in deadly Ugandan World Cup bombings, 12Jul2010

Marines wrap up ops and leaving Iraq, Feb2010

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updated 6/27/2016
Karzai calls Americans demons, 18Mar
Afghans riot and kill over burning of koran, 23Feb

CIA found militant links a day after Libya attack, 19Oct
Killing of US Ambassodor and 3 Americans, 11Sept killed
Attack in Orlando, Florida
Fort Hood attack - 13 killed, November
Chattanooga Recruiting Center and Reserve center attack - 5 killed, July
Boston marathon bombing attack - April