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About Barry's czars prior to 2010
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Border Security and Illegal Infiltration
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Defining Marxism and Statism
Marxist Organizations etc
"Intellectual" Marxists
Marxist media
Other Marxists, colleges and enemies of America
Marxist posing to be "journalists"
Marxist/Statist in the Republican Party
Marxist Democrat Party
Other Marxist political parties
War On Domestic Marxists
Declaration of Independence -
The US Constitution
Bill of Rights
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updated 12/21/2011
Sen John McCaine, AZ
illegal infiltration
carbon tax

Sen Olympia Snowe, Ma
voted on:
bank "reform", 16Jul2010
supports financial over-haul bill, 12Jul2010

Bob Bennett, UT
Jul2010 -

Sen Lindsey Graham, SC
votes to approve marxist to the Supreme Court,
carbon tax

Sen Claire McCaskill, MOark Kirk
supports cap and tax

Scott Brown, MA
voted on: bank "reform", 16Jul2010
supports financial over-haul bill, 12Jul2010

Susan Collins, Maine
voted on:
bank "reform", 16Jul2010
Lisa Murkowskii, AK
supports obamacare

Charlie Christ

Mike Castle, Delaware
Banking on Mike Castle, Aug2010

Sen Claire McCaskill, MO

Marxist Democrat Politicians
Blames GOP on new book regarding insider trading, 15Nov
Visa and credit card bill, 14Nov
worth millions in real estate, 11Oct

Rep Jan Schakowsky: You don't deserve to keep all of your money,

Andre Carson, Rep: Tea Party Wants to See Black Americans 'Hanging on a Tree', 31Aug

James Clyburn, Rep SC - duaghter on FCC, 11Jan

Judicial Marxists
Supreme Court Justice Kagan: celerbrates passing of Obamacare (10Mar2011), 10Nov
Hussein nominates (Victoria Nourse) another marxist as a federal judge, 16Sept

Marxist Unions
Longshoremen storm Wash. state port, damage RR, 8Sept
Trumka To Obama: "Go To The Mat" For Labor Tonight

Hoffa Threatens GOP At Obama Event:
"Take These Son Of Bitches Out"
Sept 5th
"They Declared War On Us, We Didn't Declare War On Them"

Marxist Media
ESPN - does not believe in freedom of speech-pulls Hank Williams Jr monday night football song, 4Oct
-more from

Wall Street Journal news - insults the American people

Other Stuff
Obama thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt now, but his Marxism comes out, 8Dec

Air Force dumps ashes in landfill,

$4mil vacation to Hawaii, 23Dec
On vacation AGAIN, for Christmas, 3Dec

Transparency meeting closed, 17Nov
Feds - largest owner of debt, 16Nov

O: "I'd like to work my way around Congress." , 14Sep

Obama's Tax On Soup Kitchens, 14Sept

Hussein Obama luanches website to collect anything said by anyone -
Campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock, 14Sept

NAU officials confront students over U.S. flag handouts, 13Sept

Barry's buddies
Jon Corzine - House hearing on MF Global, 8Dec
Rezko gets 10 1/2 years, 22Nov2011
Obama and Rezko property scams visit: About Barry
Marxist Democrat Politicians
Dian Watson-praises Castro "health" system (Aug2009):

Chris Dodd, Barney Frank - Bank refom act

Bill Clinton:
assualt on free speech
and private business (Feb2009)

John McCaine, Sen, AZ:
Insults Tea Party Americans

open borders and amnesty to illegal infiltrators
speaks at La Raza convention, July2008
hired Mexican-dual Citizen who worked for Mexico.
Closing Gitmo, cap and trade; oposed Bush tax cuts from being permenant; patients' bill of rights; the Gang of 14;

Pres George W Bush:
Supported open borders and amnesty to illegal infiltrators
grew the government 40%

Jeb Bush

Article regarding Bush, Rove, Romney, Huckabee

Bob Bennett, UT

Bob Coker

Charlie Christ

Claire McCaskill, Sen, MO

Mike Castle, delaware

Lindsey Graham, Sen, SC

"Problem with socialism is sooner or later your going to run out of someone else's money" - Margarette Thatcher
Marxist Democrat Politicians
Jim Moran - distributing wealth, keeping it is simplistic

Crony Capitalism
Broderick Johnson - Wall Street lobbyist hired to run campaign, 25Oct

Car company gets tax payer funded loan, to build in Finland, 20Oct

Kennedy solar company got bailout, 16Nov

1/2 billion dollar tax payer funded solar company goes under
Keep quite about layoffs until after midterms, by DOE, 15Nov
White House subpoena, 3Nov
Dem Donor Warned WH on Solyndra Trip in 2010, 3Oct

Marx Government Races to Close Billions in Renewable Energy Loan Guarantees, 16Sept
Four other companies go under, 15Sept
Dept. Of Energy: "No Reason" To Believe We Were Misled By Solyndra, 14Sept
company now under investigation, 13Sept
agents visit executives’ homes, 9Sept

Politically Connected Solar Firm Goes Under Despite Federal Support, 31Aug

Sunpower: failing company got tax payer funds, congressman's son lobbied for the company, 11Oct

Politically Connected Solar Firm Goes Under Despite Federal Support, 31Aug
Thanks to the following websites for most of the headlines:

and others at
alternate media
Mitch Daniels, Indiana

Ricky Perry -
-stands firm on his support of Texas Dream Act:
free instate tuition for illegals, 22Sept

Mit Romney -
-RomneyCare: stands behind it
National Security
Obama signs NDAA, 31Dec

Congress ponders internet kill swith, 12Dec
China is model
Terrorists infil military, 8Dec

O threatens veto in terrorist custody vote, 29Nov
Pentagon warns of smallest force since WWII, 22Nov

War on AQ
SEALS charged for slapping terrorists, 2May
Obama going after CIA agents, asked to drop case, 4May

Spy drone down - go to: Other Threats

Obama sends troops, still no Congress authorization

Obama sends troops, no Congress authorization

State Dpt: US tax payers funding Egypt Muslim fanatics, 3Nov

Obama prosecuting anti-communist CIA agant, 13Apl
Olympia Snowe, Sen, Ma:
voted to pass socialist heath insurance Oct 2009
Marxist Media
National Review Online: endorses Mccain over conservatives, when there are conservatives available.!/notes/mark-levin/nro-endorses-mccain-u

National Security
Russian spy swaped without interogation?

Marxist-DOJ drops case after winning against black panther
Kill cracker babies
voter intimidation
, 6Jul2010
whistle blower -,
black panthers -
Kill the white babies -

Marxist Democrat Politicians
Peter Stark
"..government can do almost anything", 24Jul2010

Maxine Waters
Ethics violation charges, 2Aug2010
communist take over of private oil companies

Judicial Marxists
Supreme Court Nomini Kagan
case against her, ok if law bans books, Princeton thesis,
love affair with socialism,
100 worst stimulus projects, Aug2010

Second American Revolution? , 30Jul2010

Obama Debt Commission Leader Warns Of Fiscal "Cancer",12Jul2010

How many people have left the workforce?, 10Jul2010

U.S. marks 3rd-largest, single-day debt increase, 7Jul2010

"bank reform"/finance bill, 15Jul2010
wallstreet journal

Marxist Media
The marxist controlled "media journalists" celebrate

Other stuff
Kids chant "I am an obama scholar"

Obama's response to oil spill is to stop pumping oil in the gulf
BP-biggest doner is to Obama, May2010

New role for NASA
michellemalkin.comObama election victory - The Daily Caller,21Jul2010

Marxist Agitators

Marxist Unions

Crony Capitalism
Obama Czars
New Mediacare czar, Donald Berwick, 7Jul2010
Healthcare means redistributing wealth,
scroll down for more info
New Mediacare czar, Donald Berwick, 7Jul2010
He celebrates English socialist health speech, Jul2008
via Brietbart of Mark Levin show
"please don't put your faith in the market system..."

Science czar John Holdren redistribution of wealth through cap and trade
Speech, July2010

BP-biggest doner is to Obama, May2010
Working in the WH, 28Oct
SECRET meeting with Hollywood "big shots", 25Oct
Producer James Lassiter and wife fundraiser at their home, 24Oct
Antonia Banderas and Melanie Griffith - at home fundraisers
Guests: Will Smith, Magic Johnson, Hillary Duff, George Lopez, Eva Longoria,

Jobs council full of doners, 11Oct
Former google exec tells hussein to raise his taxes, 26Sept
Warren Buffett to host fundraiser for Obama in Chicago, 21Sept

Sony to release UBL movie before 2012 elections
hosted fundraiser?

Gloria Estafan - fund raiser at house, Sep2011
Mark Cuban

Marxist agitators
Occupy Wallstreet - marxist-hippies funded by communist-Soros and unions, Obamas

LA - 30 tons of trash left behind, 30Nov
O - "You are the reason I ran for office." 22Nov
Union chief - calls to be more militant, 3Nov
ACORN: exposed - dumping files, 3Nov
Oakland, CA goes violent, 2Nov
ACORN backing, 26Oct

Obama says he is on their side, 18Oct
Obama embraces, 16Oct
Nazis and communists join in
Portland sings "f" the USA
Sean Penn insults the Tea Party
Herman Caine - 9Oct, "take it to the white house", 7Oct
video, 8Oct
Ann Coulter - on the mob, 9Oct
sex, drugs, trash, poop on cop car, 10Oct

Obama czars
Jeffrey Immelt - GE CEO - jobs czar, 5April

Border security visit:
ATF-gate; Border Patrol Agent killed.
Obama gets gift from one communist to another - book blaming US, April
The communist buddies, April
UN photo shoot, Sept
Military Support
-Active Duty
-Wounded Warriors
-Surviving Family
-In Memory
-Ed Support
-Veteran Orgs

Military Info
-War On
Muslim Fanatics
-War Stories
-Combat Camera
-Other threats

Protecting & conserving
The US Constitution

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War on Domestic Marxists
-Insurgents pg2:
Marxist List

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-About Barry:
-About Barry pg2: 2009


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