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Military Support
-Active Duty
-Wounded Warriors
-Surviving Family
-In Memory
-Ed Support
-Veteran Orgs

Military Info
-War On
Muslim Fanatics
-War Stories
-Combat Camera
-Other threats

Protecting & conserving
The US Constitution

Talk Radio/
Must Read

War on Domestic Marxists
-Insurgents pg2:
Marxist List

-Timeline pg2:
-Timeline pg3:
-About Barry:
-About Barry pg2: 2009


Domestic terrorists
Kyle Rittenhouse - 2nd Amendment
- Bail paid by (Nov 2020):
Ricky Schroder and Mike Lindell (MyPillow)

- gofundme deletes fundraiser
- Discover blocks fundraiser

Eric and Jillian Wuestenberg
2nd Amendment

Brandan Straka - 1st Amendment
- #Walkaway

California Rifle and Pistol

National Rifle Association-ILA

- Masterpiece Cakeshop
- 1st Amendment
"After the [US]Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that Colorado violated the First Amendment by demonstrating religious hostility against Jack, it took Colorado less than a month to renew its crusade against him."

Cities fighting California's
Illegal Alien "sanctuary" policy:
Los Alamitos
August 2018, November 2018,
Huntington Beach
Mission Viejo

Congressman Devin Nunes
Suing twitter

Liuetenant General Michael Flynn
legal defense fund

Nicholas Sandmann
Waiting on lawyers to provide donation info
L. Lin Wood Trial Lawyers
Donate to fight the domestic Marxists
updated 3/24/2021